AOAC Europe/ Eurachem workshop on Non-Targeted Methods, 2022

Trends & challenges for Non-Targeted Methods.
Part 1. Quo Vadis? What, How and Who?


Our collaborators, AOAC Europe and Eurachem, just announced an upcoming workshop in non-targeted methods. If of interest, please follow this link to register for free before 7 Nov 2022:

Workshop aims

The event will aim to give an overview of the subject by presenting the following themes:

  • The concept of NTMs (terminology and possible approaches)
  • Quality markers (performance characteristics) for NTMs
  • Data handling and data mining in relation to NTMs
  • Application of NTMs in food analysis
  • Application of NTMs in environmental analysis
  • Application of NTMs in material analysis


  • Opening, welcome
    • Lorens Sibbesen [Eurachem]
  • The concept of NT (terminology and possible approaches)
    • Stephan Walch [Chemisches und Veterin√§r-untersuchungsamt, Germany]
  • Quality markers (performance characteristics) for NT analysis
    • Martin Alewijn [Wageningen Food Safety Research, The Netherlands]
  • Data handling and data mining in relation to NT
    • Ilka Haase [National Reference Centre for Authentic Food, Germany*
  • Session 1 discussion
  • Break
  • Application Example 1: NTMs in food analysis
    • John Szpylka [Food Safety Net Services, US]
  • Application Example 2: Environmental Forensics – An analytical challenge
    • Luc De Ren [SGS, Belgium]
  • Application Example 3: NTMs in material analysis
    • Thomas Gude [SQTS, Switzerland]
  • Session 2 discussion
  • Closing discussion – Wrapping up and pointing forward to coming events

To be confirmed