2011 Presentations AOAC Europe International Workshop, 10-12 October 2011, University Erlangen-Nuremberg,

Quality Control of Botanicals, TCM, Herbal Food Supplements and Herbal Medicinal Products.


Characterisation of botanical preparations for risk - benefit assessment - by Bernard Bottex, see file 01

Herbal Food Supplements - by Popi Nicolaidou-Kanari, see file 02.

Challenges in the development of quality control monographs for Chinese herbs - by Rudolf Bauer, see file 04.

HPTLC for identification of botanicals and their adulterants - by Anita Ankli, see file 06.

Identification and quantification of analytical markers for herbal medicinal products by UHPLC-DAD/MS - by Melanie Kerst, see file 07.

Novel Infrared Spectroscopic and Imaging Tools for Quality Control - by Christian Huck, see file 10.

LCMS in the Quality Assessments of Herbal Medicine: an Industrial Perspective -  by Papagiannopoulos Menelaos, see file 11.

Capillary Electrophoresis and Capillary Electro Chromatography - by Markus Ganzera, see file 12

Legal Requirements for the Control of Contaminants in Herbal Medicinal Products and Related Areas - by Barbara Steinhoff, see file 14

Risk Management of Contaminants in Herbal Substances and Herbal Preparations - by Bernhard Klier, see file 15.

Allergens  - by Popping and Heick, see file 16

Identification and Quantification of Pesticides in Tea and Herbal Extracts - by Thomas Glauner, see file 17

Advanced Tools to Screen for Targeted and Non-targeted Contaminants in Food Samples - by Andre Schreiber, see file 18

NMR Based Screening Tool for Quality Control of Botanicals - by Kim Colson, see file 19

Improving the Analysis of Herbal Medicinal Products by Fused Core particle technology and evaluation of different LC Stationary Phase Chemistries - by Frank Michel, see file 20

Non-targeted Searching for Food Contaminants using Orbitrap High Resolution MS - by Michal Godula c.s., see file 21

Profiling of Flavonoid Isomers in Highly Complex Citrus Juice Sampels using UPLC Ion Mobility Time of Flight MS - by Dominic Roberts, see file 22

Characterization of Nutrients and Actives in Herbal Supplements using UHPLC-Mulit-reflecting Time-of-flight MS - by Jurgen Wendt, see file 23.