2009 The topics and links to the presentations

Vitamins, Drug residues, Allergens, Mucotoxins, Pesticides, November 2009, Paris


Comparison of different methods of analysis of vitamin B12 in fortified food and beverage samples. See presentation Bhandari

Mycotoxins in Food & Feed, 6 years LC-MS/MS in routine analysis. See presentation Biselli.

MS analysis of peanut allergens in food. See presentation Chassaigne.

Multi-residue methods for pesticides residues and their degradation products in food by UPLC-MS/MS. See presentation AR Fernandez-Alba 

New approaches for LC/MS determination of Vitamins. See presentation Gledhill.

Analysis of milk allergens by triple-quadrupole MS. See presentation Heick.

UPLC - HRMS: a tool for multiresidue veterinary drug methods. See presentation A Kaufmann

Residue analysis according to method QuEChERS. See presentation Kettner

Vitamins and Food Contaminants by UPLC-MS/MS. See presentation Le Bouquin.

Ltq-Orbitrap procedure in fight against illegal use of growth promoters in cattle. See presentation LeBizec.   

Quantification of milk traces in food matrices using LC/MS. See presentation Petra Lutter.

Ltq-Orbitrap procedure used for Multi-Functional Search in Molecular Chemistry. See presentation Pessel. 

Analytical Challenge to meet Legislative Requirements and Consumer demands. See presentation Popping.

Ltq-Orbitrap MS: Identification of antibiotic residues in biological matrices. See presentation Reddy

Rapid screening of drug and pesticeide residues in food using ToF-MS. See presentation Sharman Potential and limitations of LC-MS/MS based multi-mycotoxin analysis. See presentation Sulyok

Quantitative and confirmatory anaysis of veterinary drug residues in food  of animal origin by UPLC-MS/MS after QuEChERS clean-up. See presentation Whelan.