2009 Abstracts Drugs and drug residues

Vitamins, Drug residues, Allergens, Mucotoxins, Pesticides, November 2009, Paris

Abstracts Drugs and drug residues

Development of a multi-class method using a simple extraction procedure and HPLC/MS for the determination of about 90 veterinary drug residues in meat by Kristina Albin, Lutz Hartig, Scarlett BisellI; go to poster Biselli.

Depletion Kinetic of maduramicin in Eggs by Renata Ciglaric, Ksenija Sinigoj Gacnik and Jozica Dolenc, go to poster Ciglaric.

Multi-residue Determination of seventeen Sulfonamides and five Tetracyclines in fish tissue using a multi-stage LC-ESI-MS/MS approach based on advanced MSc technics. byMarilena E. Dasenaki and Nikolaos S. Thomaidis; go to poster Dasenaki

Quick And Automated Screening Method For Priority Beta-Agonists In Urine, by M. Godula, Peter Fürst and Thorsten Bernsmann; go to poster Development And Validation of Method for the Determination of Qca and Mqca In Porcine MuscleWith LC-MS/MS, by Georgia Nafti, Spyroula Constantinou, Christoforos PapachrysostomouPopi Kanari, Militsa Hadjigeorgiou; go to poster Hadjigeorgiou.

Development and Validation of a QuEChERS Based Method for the Analysis of Flukicide and Other Anthelmintic Drugs in Liver and Muscle using UPLC-MS/MS Detection, by Brian Kinsella, Michelle Whelan, Helen Cantwell, Martin McCormack, Ambrose Furey and Martin Danaher, go to poster Kinsella

The detection of Veterinary Residues in Meat using LC/MS/MS Analysis by S J Lock, D. Potts, A. Martinez, L. Bonetto and F. Mocholí, go to poster Lock1

Increasing the selectivity of clenbuterol detection in urine samples by using LC/MS/MS in MRM3 mode, by Harald Moeller-Santner, Loren Olson, Thomas Korba, Andre Schreiber; go to poster Moeller

Development and validation of an analytical methodology for the detection and quantification of amoxicillin in meat by LC-MS/MS by Andreia Freitas, Jorge Barbosa, Fernando Ramos. Go to poster RAMOS

Quantitative analysis of the new food colorant chrysoidine in fish tissues by UPLC-MS/MS by Tim Reyns, Stéphanie Fraselle, Désiré Laza, Joris Van Loco. Go to poster REYNST1 

Multi-residue screening of veterinary drugs in food using high resolution LC accurate mass time-of-flight MS. AAM Stolker, RJB. Peters, Y Bolck, P Rutgersand MWF Nielen. Go to poster STOLKER1

Comprehensive screening and quantification of veterinary drugs in milk by turbulent flow chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry (TFC-MS/MS), AAM Stolker, RJB Peters, J DiBussolo,CPB Martins, R. Zuiderent . Go to poster STOLKER2

Thiouracil: The Challenge Of Developping A Quantitative Ultra HPLC-MS/MS Method In Urine Without Derivatisation, by  J. Vanden Bussche, L. Vanhaecke, Y. Deceuninck, K. Verheyden, K. Wille, K. Bekaert, B. Le Bizec & H. De Brabander. Go to poster VANDENBUSSCHE