2009 Abstracts Vitamins

Vitamins, Drug residues, Allergens, Mucotoxins, Pesticides, November 2009, Paris

Abstracts Vitamins and related

Analysis of Collagen in Meat Extracts using LC/MS by Andre Schreiber, Anna Marques, Helio Junior, Takeo Sakuma and Phil Jackson. Go to poster SCHREIBER.

UPLC-UV method to determine antioxidants in foodstuffs by C. Andre; A. Sanches-Silva; J. M. Cruz; I. Castanheira; P. Paseiro-Losada. Go to poster SANCHESSILVA2.

Single Lab Validation of a Two-column LC/UV/Vis Method for Determination of Cyanocobalamin in a Multivitamin Dietary Supplement by Ana Sanches-Silva, Pei Chen, Isabel Castanheira, Wayne R. Wolf. Go to poster SANCHESSILVA1.

Detection and quantification of polyphénols in apples tree leaves : UPLC-DAD utilisation, ROMNEE J.-M., LEFRANCQ B., SINNAEVE G. Go to poster ROMNEE3.

Ascorbic acid detection and quantification in apples : application of a UPLC-MSMS method, ROMNEE J.-M., PISSARD A., MBELO O., DUPONT P., SINNAEVE G. Go to poster ROMNEE2.

Analysis of Sweeteners and Other Ingredients in Drinks by LC with UV Detector and Tandem MS by Li Huang, Ivy Bi, Susie Sun, Wendy Yuan, and PIERRE METRA. Go to poster LIHUANG.

LC/MS/MS Analysis of Water-soluble B Vitamins in Fortified Foods and Beverages by Jim Krol, Loic Beyet, Sneh Bhandari, Jim Carlson, Andre Schreiber. Go to poster BEYET1.

Comprehensive non-targeted screening and quantification of fruit juice constituents by Lea Heintz, Markus Godejohann, Birk Schütz and Manfred Spraul. Go to poster HEINTZ2.

Ups and downs of the LCMSMS challenge for the analysis of water-soluble B vitamins by Katia De Wasch, Tom Benijts, Christine Van Breusegem, and Frank Benijts. Go to poster DEWASCH.