2009 Abstracts Pesticides

Vitamins, Drug residues, Allergens, Mucotoxins, Pesticides, November 2009, Paris

Abstracts Pesticides

Optimizing recoveries of planar pesticides in spinach using Toluene and AOAC QuEChERS Kits with graphitized carbon by Laure Bertin. Go to poster BERTIN.

Development of specific LC-ESI-MS/MS methods to study the degradation rates and the Pre Harvest Intervals (PHI) of bifenthrin, lufenuron and iprodione in green beans and peas under the Egyptian field conditions by Anna A. Bletsou, Ahmad Hanafi, Marilena E. Dasenaki, Nikolaos S.Thomaidis. Go to poster BLETSOU.

Routine analysis of pesticide residues in foodstuffs: One year of practical experience with QuEChERS method by Martin Dušek; Radim Štepán; Sona Baršová; Petr Cuhra. Go to poster DUSEK.

Multi-Target Screening of up to 650 Pesticides in a Single LC/MS Run by Exact Mass Ion Traces by Petra Decker, Ilmari Krebs, Lea Heintz. Go to poster HEINTZ1.

Simultaneous analysis of 15 mycotoxins, and 120 pesticides in crude extracts of grains by LC/MS/MS by Jürgen Kunze, Angela Giger, André Schreiber, Stephen Lock and Kristin von Czapiewski. Go to poster LOCK2.

LCMS-QQQ method for wide range determination of pesticides with QUECHERS sample preparation according to EN 15662:2008 by Francesco Rosi, Paolo Matteini, Alessandro Miniati, Gianna Salvatici, Claudia Marsini, Tommaso Cafissi, Marco Casieri. Go to poster MATTEINI

LC-TOFMS versus LC-MS/MS for multiresidue screening and quantitation of pesticides in fruits and vegetables by Ortelli Didier, Cognard Emmanuelle, Edder Patrick. Go to poster ORTELLI.

Development and Application of a Pesticide Library for the Identification and Confirmation Analysis in Various Sample Matrices by LC/MS/MS by Harald Möller-Santner, André Schreiber, Lutz Alder. Go to posster SCHREIBER1.

Quantitative Determination Of Bioactive Amines In Red And White Wines By LC-MS; G. Vinci, Iannilli, D. Restuccia, A.M. Tarola. Go to posster TAROLA.

Multiresidue determination of 75 pesticides in asparagus and sweet pepper by QuEChERS method and LC-MS/MS detection by Orlando Lucas, Roxana Ventocilla. Go to poster VENTOCILLA.

Multi-residue routine analysis of 57 pesticides by GC coupled with Time of Flight MS in Honeybee’s pollens by Sophie AMIC, Audrey BULETE, Barbara GIROUD, Carine ARNAUDGUILHEM, Laure WIEST. Go to poster WIEST.pdf