2009 Abstracts Other Contaminants

Vitamins, Drug residues, Allergens, Mucotoxins, Pesticides, November 2009, Paris

Abstracts Other Contaminants

LC/MS/MS Analysis of Biogenic Amines in Foods and Beverages by Loic Beyet, Takeo Sakuma, Andre Schreiber, Michael Quilliam. Go to poster BEYET2.

QuEChERS extraction and LC-MS/MS analysis for Bisphenol A (BPA) and its BADGE derivates: food simulants vs food matrixes by Bonora A., Garbini D., Barbanera M. and Bonaga G. Go to poster BONORA.

Migration From Cardboard Packaging: Analysis Of Photoinitiators In Cereals By Hplc-Ms/Ms by J. Bustos; R. Sendón; P. Martin; M. E. Cirugeda; J. J. Sanchez; P. Paseiro. Go to poster BUSTOS.

Rapid Detection of Melamine and Cyanuric Acid using a Novel High Capacity Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer by L. J. Fremlin, M. Pelzing, L. Heintz. Go to poster HEINTZ3.

Maximizing the Chromatographic Resolution and Detection Content of Complex Plant Lipid Analyses with Optimized UHPLC Systems by David Lascoux, Jerry Zweigenbaum and Mike Woodman. Go to poster LASCOUX.

An LC-MS/MS multideterminative method for aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2 and ochratoxin A suitable for large scale food control activity in several food matrixes. Lorenzini R., Garbini D., Barbanera M., Braschi I. Go to poster LORENZINI.

Performances of a SPE-UPLC®/MS/MS method for the analysis of human pharmaceutical products in tap water by Sophie Mompelat, Olivier Thomas, Barbara Le Bot. Go to poster MOMPELAT.

Consolidated insights into polysorbate composition: a LC/(HR)MS application. Yann Waye Keuong, Aurélie Salzédo, Laurent Gireaud, Gérard Provot, Laurent Bultel and Serge Pilard. Go to poster PROVOT.

Multi residue analysis of 14 triarylmethane and phenothiazine dyes in aquaculture products by UPLC-MS/MS by Tim Reyns, Henriette Kayirebe, Stéphanie Fraselle, Désiré Laza and Joris Van Loco. Go to poster REYNS2.

Contamination of rice by various mycotoxins after inoculation: development of a UPLC-MSMS method by ROMNEE Jean-Michel, CHANDELIER Anne and SINNAEVE Georges. Go to poster ROMNEE1.

Application Of Acquity Tqd For The Analysis Of Mycotoxin Contaminants In Pistachio, Almond And Cashew Nuts by Sandra Rontree, James Morphet and Peter Hancock. Go to poster RONTREE.

Determination Of Phthalates Migrated From Agglomerated Cork Stoppers By HPLC-MS/MS by T. Sanches; J. Bustos; R. Sendón; M. E. Cirugeda; I. Castanheira; J. J. Sanchez; P. Paseiro. Go to poster SANCHES.

Development of Analysis Methods for the Determination of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Food by UHPLC by Szilágyi Sz., Hollósi L., Lerda D., Wenzl T. Go to poster WENZL.