Full text presentation

  Vitamins, Drug residues, Allergens, Mucotoxins, Pesticides

Comparison of different methods of analysis of vitamin B12 in fortified food and beverage samples. See presentation Bhandari.


Mycotoxins in Food & Feed, 6 years LC-MS/MS in routine analysis. See presentation Biselli.


MS analysis of peanut allergens in food. See presentation Chassaigne.


Multi-residue methods for pesticides residues and their degradation products in food by UPLC-MS/MS. See presentation AR Fernandez-Alba 


New approaches for LC/MS determination of Vitamins. See presentation Gledhill.


Analysis of milk allergens by triple-quadrupole MS. See presentation Heick.


UPLC - HRMS: a tool for multiresidue veterinary drug methods. See presentation A Kaufmann


Residue analysis according to method QuEChERS. See presentation Kettner


Vitamins and Food Contaminants by UPLC-MS/MS. See presentation Le Bouquin.


Ltq-Orbitrap procedure in fight against illegal use of growth promoters in cattle. See presentation LeBizec.   


Quantification of milk traces in food matrices using LC/MS. See presentation Petra Lutter.


Ltq-Orbitrap procedure used for Multi-Functional Search in Molecular Chemistry. See presentation Pessel


Analytical Challenge to meet Legislative Requirements and Consumer demands. See presentation Popping.


Ltq-Orbitrap MS: Identification of antibiotic residues in biological matrices. See presentation Reddy


Rapid screening of drug and pesticeide residues in food using ToF-MS. See presentation Sharman


Potential and limitations of LC-MS/MS based multi-mycotoxin analysis. See presentation Sulyok


Quantitative and confirmatory anaysis of veterinary drug residues in food  of animal origin by UPLC-MS/MS after QuEChERS clean-up. See presentation Whelan.