2006 Symposium Scientific Programme of the International Workshop

"Foods to Dye for Contaminants-sampling, analysis, legal limits" 6 th and 7 th November 2006 Cyprus

Poster presentations

Application of High Resolution TOF-MS for Multiresidue Analysis of Pesticides. by Jean-Marc Joumier. Go to poster JM Joumier

Modified Analytical Assay for PAH Using RP-HPLC with Fluorescence Detection and SEC for Sample Preparation and its Application for Different Food Sampels by Ewa Wegrzyn c.s. 
Go to poster E Wegrzyn

RP-HPLC-ED measurements of the total antioxidant potential: Comparison to the standard photometric method by Bronislaw K Glod c.s. Go to poster Bronislaw k Glod

A Survey for Determining the Presence of Histamine in Fishes of the Cyprus Market by S.Yiannopoulos c.s. Go to poster S. Yiannopoulos

Monitoring and control of mycotoxins in foodstuffs in Cyprus 1997 - 2006 by Eleni Ioannou-Kakouri c.s. Go to poster E Ioannou

Will eating fish caught from the Tiber river in Rome cause adverse health effects? by S.Ciardullo c.s. Go to poster S. Ciadullo

May contain traces of ------ .by E Egaas. Go to poster E Egaas

Analysis of multiple pesticide residues in olives and olive oil using QuEChERS and LC-MS/MS by Sara C Cunha c.s. Go to poster S.C. Cunha

Determination of Nitroimidazoles and their Metabolites in Milk using GC/MS-NCI by S.Constantinou c.s. Go to poster S. Constantinou

Processing techniques to reduce olive oils contaminants by G.Siragakis. Go to poster G. Siragakis

Determination of organophosphorous pesticide residues in oleaginous seeds by cap-GC with thermo-ionic detecion, by B. Bouchtane c.s. Go to poster B. Bouchtane