2006 Symposium Scientific Programme of the International Workshop

"Foods to Dye for-Contaminants-sampling, analysis, legal limits" 6 th and 7 th November 2006 Cyprus


Food Safety through Integrated Risk Analysis, by Filip Cnudde

Sampling and Measurement Uncertainty - Should We Be More Certain Of Their Importance In Food Control?, by Roger Wood

Allergens: All Kits are Equal - but some are more Equal than Others, by Bert Popping

The Quality of Sampling in Context, by Michael Thompson

Risk Assessment of the Dietary Intake of Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Nitrates in Cyprus and the relevant uncertainty, by Eleni Ioannou - Kakouri c.s., by Eleni Ioannou - Kakouri

Analysis of acrylamide in food, air and in environmental samples, by Sune Eriksson

Acrylamide: Industry Perspectives, by Richard Stadler

Analysis of Mycotoxins, by J.M. Fremy

The Detection of Allergens in Food Products with LC-MS, by Jacqueline van der Wielen

Analysis of PAH's in food, by Albrecht Seidel

Detection of Low Amounts of Sudan Dyes and other Illegal Dyes in Food and Oleoresins, by Katrin Hoenicke

The impact of Pesticides on Children's Health, by C. St. Michaelidou

GCxGC/TOF-MS: challenge in analysis of multiple pesticide residues, by Jana Hajslova

Dietary Exposure to Organotin Compounds in Greece from Seafood Consumption, by Nikolaos S. Thomaidis