2005 Symposium on Legal Limits on the Road to Food Safety

"Establishing sound criteria for compliance decisions" 3-4 March 2005 Brussels


Private laboratories role and official food control laboratories - by Alfredo Montes Nino

Nitrofurans as an example - How to control zero tolerance - by Katrin Hoenicke

Compliance Decision Criteria - Problems encountered and actions taken in the EU and Codex - by Roger Wood

ACCREDITATION Assuring the quality of analytical results - by Maire C. Walsh

Setting regulatory limits at EU level with focus on contaminants - by Frans Verstraete

Estimation of measurement uncertainty in food microbiology - a normal approach - by Bertrand Lombard

Assessment of results against limits - practical example - by Klaas Strikwerda

Proficiency testing - Are we fully utilising a valuable resource? - by John Gilbert

Tracking and tracing in food supply chains - by Jack van der Vorst

Mycotoxins - the criteria approach for analysis - by Jorg Stroka

Measurement for Regulation: using uncertainty information - by Steve Ellison

HMF in Honey - by Biagio Fallico

Can Legal Limits for GMO be Enforced? - by Bert Popping

Dioxins analysis at RIKILT - by Wim Traag

Sampling and the uncertainty it causes in measurements - by Michael H. Ramsey

Global approach to method validation and measurement uncertainty - by Max Feinberg

Calibration and Tracebility applied strategies in IMEP Interlaboratory Comparison on measurements close to legal limits - by Yetunde Aregbe

Establishing sound criteria for compliance decisions "Regulations and GMO reality" - by Herman Broll

Tracking and tracing in laboratories - by Jurgen Tressel

Quality Assurance on Electric Data - by Frans Leijse